About me by me….

I’m a bit of an outdoors man. When I’m not roaming the hills I can be found in The Lab blending learning solutions that focus the mind and engage the imagination. I also like the colour purple – a lot! I believe in the principle of possibility and reckon Einstein was spot on when he said, “Creativity is simply intelligence having fun”. I’ve been running the Lab for over 8 years. People might refer to me as the Founder, Owner or Consultant, I prefer to describe what I do, and how I may help.

Away from The Lab, I like to downhill bike on trails. I run, although I get bored after 7k. I spend loads of time constructing lego space stations and doing scary voices in storybooks with my three wee superstars, and have been dancing with the same fab lady for over 20 years…..oh and I’m Scott.


My older brother reckons….

If my car is outside the house I’m watching Sky Sports. I am of course working studiously in my office creating exciting new learning events – apart from soccer transfer deadline day when he is most accurate.


My kids think…..

I’m a teacher and kids entertainer rolled into one. This is due to some of the props I take and places I work every day. Try explaining to a five-year-old why you are taking a pack of cards to a bakery.


My folks describe my job as….

I do stuff with people to help to deal with their work stuff more effectively – which is pretty accurate in my view.