Do you believe you are capable of delivering really creative and innovative solutions? I believe we are all capable of this; it’s just that some suppress it for any number of reasons.

School education and indeed most working roles require us to fit in and not in fact to stand out. Take your curriculum you worked through in your school years, it probably took a somewhat linear path. Leading you towards a particular choice of set roles or if you were fortunate you may have reached the expansive possibilities of industry choice. Your teacher would have asked “So what do you see yourself being when you grow up?” or your Manager may still regularly ask once a year “Where do you see yourself in five years?. I did, and always have struggled with these two conundrums in particular, as for me the have the same answer…..”Being Happy”.

Some people travel through their working careers getting by, getting promoted and in the process getting ahead. They may be financially success but few of those same people will emotionally fulfilled.

If you love what you do and put every ounce of passion into how you do it money will follow you. Wealth then ceases to be a factor in those career choices. The choice you then make is then about the experience, or the journey you will be likely to travel as opposed to the financial fruits it may bring. Work then becomes a part of you. It becomes your identity, and what was once a desire becomes your new reality.

To deliver a truly creative approach requires us to follow our heart and not the just process that is always expected of us.

I was asked last year to develop such a concept, a change journey that was somewhat abstract and not particularly corporate in style, whilst utilising corporate methodology; something that was, by design, different.

The customer, one of the UK’s largest credit card lenders and employs over 2,000 people. It had chosen to exit card services operations in Europe. They were not up for sale immediately because the market was poor, but the plan was that within 2-3 years the business will be sold as a complete entity. No one knew when or who to therefore there is a lot of uncertainty.

The solution was ‘Xplore’. Firstly the we understood that not everyone would like it or “get” it – but something the client was comfortable with, the aim initially was to get a response from people, to make them sit up and take notice, and to spark curiosity. The iconography – or imagery would sum up the spirit of the change journey and acted as a ‘hook’.

Xplore was a metaphor for the changes in the mindset we wanted to encourage.

It seemed on the surface an illogical idea that filled some with fear, but one that everyone in the team loved. Doing nothing would have been a choice that would not have changed anything.

A year on Xplore has brought many financial fruits in 2013. Staff attrition fell from 9.7% to 7.4%. Absence fell from just under 4% to 2.75%. Statistics also showed an improvement in customer service also improved.

However it was the result of bring people closer together that showed something quite remarkable considering the unstable working climate. The overall engagement score for the business was 70% and within this, 83% said they cared about the future of the business. Management were perceived to be effective by 84% of those whom responded and Goal clarity, support and team work all scores 73%.

The client won the Personnel Today Award for Best Engagement Strategy. Why? Because they chose not to listen to logic, but to instead follow their heart.

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