The Challenge

The Transport Network Client had experienced significant business success in recent years. This success had informed the business that they are most likely to continue to see passenger growth; placing a large dependency on further improving customer satisfaction, performance and reliability of Management Teams.

The Solution

We created a Development Centre to allow learners to be observed on displayed competencies. This was aimed at identifying strengths and opportunities for development and to provide confidential, supportive and individual feedback post event.

The event centred on four short interactive exercises built around the needs of the Management role. Not as an interview, but more of a talent platform with a business focused theme. Events were focused on a fictitious business with challenges that would mirror their own working practices.

We gave written and verbal feedback to attendees after the event on a one-to-one basis. Each participant was observed by four different people to allow for a fair and proportionate response.

The Result

Initially ran as pilot programme. The client is currently rolling the solution out to the entire Supervisory population.




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