The Challenges

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The Leadership Challenge

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The Team Challenge

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The Development Centre Challenge

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The Engagement Challenge

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The E-Leadership Challenge

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The Change Challenge

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The Visual Strategy Challenge

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The Re-energise Challenge

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I’m Scott. I blend Learning and Development solutions to make the complex stuff simple and memorable.

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The Lab Approach

The route to success...
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Establish the outcome

Focused on desired results, goals of the individual and of the business, required behaviours and establish how we will measure success.

Establish the faults

Gain an objective perspective of what’s not going to plan, what’s been tried, what worked, what didn’t or what wouldn’t.


Design the steps ahead

Create a road map of the entire learner journey; not just the event. The true learning begins when a session concludes.


Take a partnership approach

Work together to ensure success for all parties. Pitched at the right level.

Create a product that fits

Develop a truly bespoke solution to meet the need of goal and has a real flavour of the business running through it.

Deliver the desired value chain

Meet the desired business outcomes, required behaviours and ensure the solution adds value to the learner.


Drive transfer

Stay the course to embed learning outcomes in the organisation throughout our involvement and beyond.

Document results

Ownership transferred to learner and related parties. Formally capture the lessons learned to assist future solutions.

Celebrate Success

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