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Dump, Discover, Devour

Dump doom scrolling downsides, what’s shit, doesn’t work, won’t work, can’t be fixed, takes too long, costs too much and won’t solve it anyway. Dump days of solid structure, open up, tea at 10, pee at 11, lunch at 12. Dabble and babble until the fug becomes a bug. Dump the duty of pleasing, saying … Continued


Since we last met a lot of me has travelled. The wanderless topsy-turvy tangles would never be ironed to a pinch perfect pleat. More playful not less, still silly not stressed. I never lost sight of the challenge, the cheek, the mischief, the mishaps and tumbles. I’m thankful for the rough stuff, the hardball, The … Continued

We Don’t Need Rule Breakers

We don’t need rule breakers. We need a few more mavericks. Countless Cantona’s and Kaufmanns. Buckets of brilliantly bonkers Bjork’s.  We need an expansion of experimenters. Bold Blumenthal’s. An explosion of Edison’s. A delicious dapple of Dysonista’s.   We need an extravagance of expressive’s. A kaleidoscope of Kahlo and Klint’s.  Bombastically bold Bowie and gargantuan Ga Ga’s.  We need … Continued

Reverse Humbug

Laugh at yourself. Look after those you love. Make every day like Christmas. Give out, give away, dance, jig and sing forgiveness. Invite them all for dinner. Buy the best food and wine. Over tip, be over the top. Be Ebeneezer dopamine. Be as giddy as a drunken man. Shout joy from the rooftops. Now … Continued

The Colour Of Your Lies

What if lies came in colours other than white?  I’m sure we’ve all told a wee white one like, “I need to go cause that the postie just came to the door”, or “It wisnae me, it wis ma food”, or maybe even, “Sorry honey, I’ve just missed the train” only to be rumbled by … Continued


I’ll tell you what I miss… The gallus gab of Glasgow. Sitting in the square, eating a square, watching a square go. Circling round Argyll, eyes up seeing Rennie Mac and Buchanan street style show.  Warrington Bank Quay, shitty cereal bars, the long trek choo-choo in the morn. The out of order hole in the wall. … Continued

Let’s Jura

Let’s not walk, let’s wander, let’s take a path of your choice. Let’s shortcut, new cut, jump through, and wiggle and weave not poise. Let’s go on a journey that’s unplanned, untamed, wild and far. Let’s get to the un-get-at-able, make memorable moments by stars. Let’s travel by quest and untapped, let’s sample the scented … Continued

What Do You Do?

Last week I met a bloke I hadn’t seen since Mr Boyd was extenuating the linguistic joys of standard grade English. Our micro school reunion started with the obligatory question of, “So what are you up to these days?” Now I’m never proper sure whether this moment of truth is referring to how large my … Continued

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

August 2013 saw three new top bosses start their roles with three separate major UK companies. All of which are competing for the same prize. Their roles are also of an equivalent status. Their marketplace is highly commercial and attracts hefty investment year, after year, after year. The main challenge of which the Managers face … Continued

Life’s a journey, not a destination

Do you believe you are capable of delivering really creative and innovative solutions? I believe we are all capable of this; it’s just that some suppress it for any number of reasons. School education and indeed most working roles require us to fit in and not in fact to stand out. Take your curriculum you … Continued