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What Do You Do?

Last week I met a bloke I hadn’t seen since Mr Boyd was extenuating the linguistic joys of standard grade English. Our micro school reunion started with the obligatory question of, “So what are you up to these days?” Now I’m never proper sure whether this moment of truth is referring to how large my … Continued

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

August 2013 saw three new top bosses start their roles with three separate major UK companies. All of which are competing for the same prize. Their roles are also of an equivalent status. Their marketplace is highly commercial and attracts hefty investment year, after year, after year. The main challenge of which the Managers face … Continued

Life’s a journey, not a destination

Do you believe you are capable of delivering really creative and innovative solutions? I believe we are all capable of this; it’s just that some suppress it for any number of reasons. School education and indeed most working roles require us to fit in and not in fact to stand out. Take your curriculum you … Continued

The 5 Behaviours Of An Icelandic Team

Iceland, a country with more active volcano’s than pro footballers, ensured it was kveðjum Roy late on Monday evening. Perhaps the longest audition in performance history, Hodgson concluded his 4-year tenure immersed inglorious defeat, reputations tarnished, hopes and expectations extinct. Viewers witnessed a lesson in teamwork from the land of ice and fire. Just like … Continued

Enchanted Development

Last week saw the conclusion of the truly spectacular Enchanted forest in leafy Perthshire. The scenic whisky den of Pitlochry is a place more famous for its big trees and ceilidhs than the psychedelic disco stroll I encountered on my visit. The light, music and conceptual arts event runs for 5 weeks every year in … Continued

Sir Tom Jones Inspired Team Engagement

The deep bombastic reverberations of the Welsh legend that is, Sir Tom Jones, might not be the immediate go-to place for inspiration to effective team engagement. However as I will explore, his unique vocal qualities, and how they capture his sense of rhythm and soul can inspire a team to climb to greater heights, literally. … Continued

Curiosity Counts

So the force has awoken, well almost, only another 21 days to go. The galactic countdown started first with a teaser, and then gradually week by week; soon to be day by day; we will discover a little more of Luke Skywalker’s choice of togs. Is he wearing black due to his evil transformation, or … Continued

How I Thawed My Frozen Blog

Do you have a frozen blog? No not about ice princesses and a sun loving snowman, but a proper blog – one about salient events and life stuff? Did you like me start it with the best of intentions but have since drifted to posting once in every ice age? My blog posting had been, … Continued

Conscious Coupling

Sole Trader. Self employed. One-man band. Just some of the terms used to define my role. And indeed, as a Management Consultant much of my time is spent on my lonesome. Long days and evenings spent on my tod surrounded by inspiration from dead artists, inspiring books and Jack Daniels. However, even we lone wolves … Continued