Laugh at yourself. Look after those you love. Make every day like Christmas. Give out, give away, dance, jig and sing forgiveness.

Invite them all for dinner. Buy the best food and wine. Over tip, be over the top. Be Ebeneezer dopamine.

Be as giddy as a drunken man. Shout joy from the rooftops. Now step back on this special day and watch the sudden tempo drops.

I’m ridiculed. Ignorance and want might be thee. He’s go nothing but tolerates everything – but that’s not me!

The old boss. My fiancee, the ghost of Marley. It all for money, for greedy cash – but that’s not me!

It’s a rattling chain and chair. An apparition, go away charity. Decrease the surplus of the population – but that’s not me!

What if we lived our lives being focused on our own wee scoogeageddon. Ain’t every day less sleepwalking is one more day spent livin’?

It’s a certainty we don’t control but can deposit wealth of joy. To spend our minutes in our carol like the end of our story was nigh.

Start today, not tomorrow. Make every second count. Unfurrow that brow, reverse that humbug. It counts a huge amount.

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