We don’t need rule breakers. We need a few more mavericks. Countless Cantona’s and Kaufmanns. Buckets of brilliantly bonkers Bjork’s. 

We need an expansion of experimenters. Bold Blumenthal’s. An explosion of Edison’s. A delicious dapple of Dysonista’s.  

We need an extravagance of expressive’s. A kaleidoscope of Kahlo and Klint’s.  Bombastically bold Bowie and gargantuan Ga Ga’s. 

We need a fuller fill of fuck its. Passionate pathfinding Parkins. Magical meandering McCandless. Rotten Johnnies and bold Buzzcocks. 

We need a nucleus of nomads. The collective of Kachi. The kinship of Sámi. The self-sufficient Massia. 

We need more rebel rebels. Handfuls of Han Solos. Sackfuls of Jim Starks. Bagfuls of Ferris Buellers. 

We need a melee of mutineers. Jump ship Johnston’s. Team hopping Hamilton’s. Cross city Cloughs. Anakin redeemers. 

We need guerrilla game-changers. Trailblazing Navratilova’s. Hip shaking Elvi. Theory bursting Einstein’s. Proper pivoting Kobain’s.

We need more silent renegades. Awesome Turing’s. Storytelling Spielberg’s. Nonviolent Gandhi’s. Good troubling Lewis’s. 

We need more menacing Dennis’s. Tectonic Thunberg’s. Single stream teen dreams. More stepping out and stepping up. 

We don’t need rule breakers. We need more. 

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