The Challenge

To create a visual map of 12 key strategic factors that will shape the next three years of each individual sites change vision.

The Solution

A series of visual maps were created to enable deep discussion around how changes may affect people, and used images rather than words to allow people to navigate through the journey without the need for translation.

The map showed an image that mirrors the current shape and size of the size so that people can view and see their own site but with some curious changes. These changes are explained one by one the closer you study the map, and as they become live issues they are communicated internally. Moving from a visual that at first looks familiar but on closer inspection tells a story.

The Result

These maps are now blown up to a large scale and can be viewed on enter the production areas of each of the sites. These are used well beyond the initial need for communications such as site visits, inductions, tours and business planning.

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