The Challenge

To develop a monthly blended learning e-newsletter that was aimed at Leaders/Managers to be read by the target audience within 10-15 minutes.

The client also wanted the content to support the Leadership Model, and Values.

Finally the e-newsletter had to appeal to all learning styles with the primary aim of offering a more blended learning offer within the organisation and to move the perception of learning to more than just traditional workshops.

The Solution

We developed a bespoke monthly e-newsletter which had a narrative commentary of the leadership theme each month of publication.

This contained a collection of online theories, tips and tools such as:

Web links: To provide really useful web sites to sharpen leadership skills.
Twitter feeds: A selection of key people to follow on Twitter to get great tips and tools to assist your leadership approach.
Apps: We recommended an ‘App of the month’ to transform a few spare minutes of time into a series of powerful mini-sessions on leadership.

Offline theories, tips and tools such as:

Development book of the month: All recommended reads would be shaped by the leadership theme of the month
Movie of the month: All film suggestion would support the theme
Model of the month: A model or theory that supports the theme.
Development Schedule: A list internal opportunities that are coming up and supporting information.

We also created a section in the e-newsletter that detailed ‘feedback’ from Managers on their experiences from, for example, reading the recommended books, watching the films and using the Apps.

The Result

We currently publish a solution called Pick N Mix as a stand-alone product that we can rebrand to your organisation on monthly and bi monthly basis to bring your values and competencies to life.

User of these newsletter provide us with great feedback on how useful they have found the tools and refresh to take learning well beyond the classroom

“I think the newsletter is really good. It reminds one of the material covered and the little links are really handy. I like the book and movie recommendations also. It’s not too heavy on content which means that you can pick it up scan it and it reminds you of the models etc.”

Sales Development Manager, Ireland


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