Dump doom scrolling downsides, what’s shit, doesn’t work, won’t work, can’t be fixed, takes too long, costs too much and won’t solve it anyway.

Dump days of solid structure, open up, tea at 10, pee at 11, lunch at 12. Dabble and babble until the fug becomes a bug.

Dump the duty of pleasing, saying yes instead of no, taking safe shots and instead of moon shots.


Discover how the outside can become the new inside. To wander and wonder to appreciate that answers are everywhere.

Discover imaginary islands, set sail, pitch a tent, pour a pitcher, spend some time, appreciate that curiosity is a great place to visit.

Discover the brush, the impression, the expression, the colour, the texture, the smell, the taste of the creation.


Devour the release, the chance to go, to play, to cafe, to coffee, to cake, to bake, to make and always, always, always take that break.

Devour pistachio, praline, cardamom, cocoa, pineapple, papaya, frozen double scooped and never overlooked.

Devour us, waking each day and seeing you, and hearing yawning mutters of “what’s for breakfast?”, “Pancakes, kids, Dad’s pancakes!!!”

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