Let’s not walk, let’s wander, let’s take a path of your choice. Let’s shortcut, new cut, jump through, and wiggle and weave not poise.

Let’s go on a journey that’s unplanned, untamed, wild and far. Let’s get to the un-get-at-able, make memorable moments by stars.

Let’s travel by quest and untapped, let’s sample the scented procession. Let’s take the pilgrims route, fueled by gut and fuzzy progression.

Let’s open the door to a new place, to go discover each other and self. Face to face in story, with fire and cask as our wealth.

Let’s get lost in you, in them and in us. Let’s chat till the embers are a deep charcoal dust.

Let’s write down those words, those words that will carry us through. Let’s go there my friends, let’s go, to Jura with you!

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