The Customers Challenge

To develop a programme that would help to deliver significant change within the pharmacy industry, this was to include not just the physical attributes of stores (fascia, layout, fabric, pricing and product), but the ‘personality’ of the clients business. It was to be so much more than just a brand launch it was about instilling pride, positivity and passion and enabling colleagues to bring the best version of themselves to work everyday.

The Solution

Against a backdrop of resistance and scepticism we devised a fairground change experience. This led colleagues step by step on the journey from preparing for a store refit through to delivery of the new brand values. We even produced a board game to allow branch teams to navigate their way through the change programme in context with each region and store.

The Result

The results speak for themselves, change experience stores delivered a 3% sales uplift over a standard refitted store, and the engagement index of the colleagues was some 10 base points higher than the core business.

“Scott understood change is about personal choice and he developed a change experience for us that was uniquely tailored to meet both individual needs and the vision of our organisation, it allowed our people to understand and deal with tough change messages in a fun, risk free environment. This work was not about off the shelf courses, he understood deeply the commercial needs of our business and wove a truly unique concept that helped translate the most complex of change messages into simple and memorable experience.”

“My most memorable moment was a highly tenured pharmacists riding Ferris wheels and playing ‘hook a duck’, stating ‘I get it, I understand what needs to change, and Scott’s part in this’ is a testament to the quality of his work.”

HR Director

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