The Customers Challenge

To produce a Leadership programme that would take delegates away from their normal frame of reference to allow them to reflect on how they may enhance their skills.

The Solution

Go Safari explores the world of leadership using a series of lessons from the wild as a comparative model. We ask participants to consider the six senses of animals and explore why we struggle to use our five? How could earning respect in poverty stricken township aid us in reflecting on our own working practice? Do we assume the role of King of Jungle or can others species contribute? Lessons In Leadership is thought provoking, colourful and enlightens participants to a whole new world of Leadership.

The Result

Over 100 people attended this programme and overall scored it 8.26/10 for how useful and applicable they found the session. This was further reinforced by participant’s feedback some 10 months after the event when requested.

“The interactive sessions as opposed to a class room environment made the course not only fun but I learnt so much more from taking part.”

Kara Jones.

“I’ve never done anything like it before. I think it has helped me enormously and has challenged me at the same time.”

Debra Sutherland.

The Go Safari session was pivotal to my role and I put the learning into practice straight away.”

Leanne Woolvine.

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