The Customers Challenge

To co-design and develop a Project Management workshop with a media twist. This was to enable participants to build their skills and knowledge required to carry out effective Project Management in a manner that befits the identity of their brand.

The Solution

The client was a broadcasting company hence the obvious starting point was to use a televisual format for the session. A hypothetical parallel UK-based satellite broadcasting company was created. This imaginary company also operated a number of other entertainment services.

Project Drive In was to be a new venture by to create a Drive In movie experience for customers.

Participants were provided with a background of cinema economics and competitor analysis. They were also shown the variances between the traditional US-style Drive In’s and ’Pop Up’ cinema ventures to allow them to determine their business model. Finally the key factors that are involved in a profitable venture, such as movies, hospitality and retail business as well as all the related resource requirements.

They were then given a project task and brief to allow them to align their project against during the session.

The Result

Project Drive In allowed participants with no project experience the opportunity to bring a sizable venture to life in a creative and thought provoking manner.

From it’s pilot status inception the programme has since been rolled out across the clients business UK wide.

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