The Customers Challenge

Goals and objectives were not clearly defined or indeed aligned horizontally to the businesses strategy. The performance management processes were inconsistent – the result being the vertical cascading of objectives throughout the organisation did not happen consistently or indeed productively.

Anecdotal Feedback also indicated that the online Performance Management application is perceived as cumbersome and a potential barrier to the process.

The Solution

Talent Plant was a series of events aimed at making Performance Management more effective (to ensure people have the knowledge and ability to perform), strategic (to focus on broader issues and longer-term goals) and integrated (to link various aspects of the business, people management, and individuals and teams). The session used an interactive carousel workshop to parallel the process of the manufacturing process with that of the performance management cycle (shown in illustration). I also created a number of bite sized workshop and toolkits to complement the programme.

The Result

The HR Director,  when interviewed in The HR Magazine commented. “There’s now a 99% completion rate and performance reviews are seen as “a dynamic business driver”. “We have created a line of sight between what people do and the business strategy,” she explained. It appears to be working: 89% of employees say they understand how their job contributes to our success.

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