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Let’s Jura

Let’s not walk, let’s wander, let’s take a path of your choice. Let’s shortcut, new cut, jump through, and wiggle and weave not poise. Let’s go on a journey that’s unplanned, untamed, wild and far. Let’s get to the un-get-at-able, make memorable moments by stars. Let’s travel by quest and untapped, let’s sample the scented … Continued

Dump, Discover, Devour

Dump doom scrolling downsides, what’s shit, doesn’t work, won’t work, can’t be fixed, takes too long, costs too much and won’t solve it anyway. Dump days of solid structure, open up, tea at 10, pee at 11, lunch at 12. Dabble and babble until the fug becomes a bug. Dump the duty of pleasing, saying … Continued

Enchanted Development

Last week saw the conclusion of the truly spectacular Enchanted forest in leafy Perthshire. The scenic whisky den of Pitlochry is a place more famous for its big trees and ceilidhs than the psychedelic disco stroll I encountered on my visit. The light, music and conceptual arts event runs for 5 weeks every year in … Continued

Conscious Coupling

Sole Trader. Self employed. One-man band. Just some of the terms used to define my role. And indeed, as a Management Consultant much of my time is spent on my lonesome. Long days and evenings spent on my tod surrounded by inspiration from dead artists, inspiring books and Jack Daniels. However, even we lone wolves … Continued