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Enjoy Every Sandwich

Enjoy Every Sandwich  Do you ever find yourself getting tense and muddy-headed by the everyday trials of life? Maybe work is overloading, and you’re trying to meet that deadline by noon. Zoomathons followed by the never-ending roadworks of face-to-face meetings. At the same time, trying to ready yourself for the tough conversations you haven’t yet … Continued

The Forgotten Christmas Movie

Can you name your favourite Christmas movie ever? I suspect most of you will select something somewhere in between It’s A Wonderful Life and Elf. You know, the classic ones that everyone loves no matter how many times you and your family view them.  In fact, if you check the IMDB Top 100 Christmas Movies, … Continued

How To Make The Complex Simple & Memorable

Fourteen years ago, I went to see Richard Oliver deliver one of his Shakespeare Mythodrama sessions in a small hotel in Edinburgh. My then boss called me the week before and said, “I’ve booked us both tickets to go and see The Political & Emotional Intelligence lessons of  Julius Cesar. I must confess I was not … Continued

I ♥ Squiggly Lines

Creativity barriers in a logical world and how to shift them  I love squiggly lines. I always have. Put me back in Mrs Morrisons’ primary school class, and I’m as proud of the abstract artwork on the sleeve of my P5 jotter as whatever is written inside. It’s not just a playful memory but a … Continued

Learning Fog

Too often, learning fades into the fog. I sat in reflection at a conference recently, taking my notes on the golden nuggets of knowledge that the speaker was sharing. As they exited the stage, I was suitably impressed that I’d had so many ‘aha’ moments in such a short space of time.  Then it faded.  … Continued

This Is The Life

“It isn’t where you came from; it’s where you’re going that counts.” Such beautiful and resonant words by such an inspiring lady in the history of music.  Ella Fitzgerald was arguably one of the most influential singers in the United States for more than 50 years of her recording career. Winning 13 Grammy awards and selling … Continued

Stray Ways

Possibility of stray golf balls. It may just have been a signpost I passed on my walk today down the side Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club. It’s a walk I do almost daily, and I almost always take the same route as I wander. But today was different, I was walking as part of a … Continued

Striding Arches

Situated on the hobgoblin green hilltops of Cairnhead near the Dumfriesshire village of Moniave stands landscape artists Andy Goldsworthy’s stunning sandstone Striding Arches.  Built from locally quarried stone, each arc consists of 31 sculpted blocks, weighing 27 tonnes. The four beacons sit resplendently on the peak of Galloway hilltops, at the edge of a Nordic … Continued

The Tree

Farm fields drowned in free-flowing kaleidoscopic eleven high play.  Captain ball kicking. White lady floating. Shooting star ends the day. It’s a mirage. An oasis of what was would and what could be. Treading forward. Always stopping, never further than that tree. _ BMX customise. Profiteering maximise.  Super shiny trefoil badges. A silver spray tantalising.  … Continued

A Fyne Secret

Shhhhhh, don’t tell ourselves about the middle page of life. The restful ease, I’m grateful for. The tranquil marine in sight.  Hush, keep hidden the inner Inver peace.  Summer warming winds. Loving living life meets.  Quieten, and embrace The Royal George coorie corners.  The vital spark in harbour. The famous oyster trawlers.  Mute, now discover … Continued


Since we last met a lot of me has travelled. The wanderless topsy-turvy tangles would never be ironed to a pinch perfect pleat. More playful not less, still silly not stressed. I never lost sight of the challenge, the cheek, the mischief, the mishaps and tumbles. I’m thankful for the rough stuff, the hardball, The … Continued

We Don’t Need Rule Breakers

We don’t need rule breakers. We need a few more mavericks. Countless Cantona’s and Kaufmanns. Buckets of brilliantly bonkers Bjork’s.  We need an expansion of experimenters. Bold Blumenthal’s. An explosion of Edison’s. A delicious dapple of Dysonista’s.   We need an extravagance of expressive’s. A kaleidoscope of Kahlo and Klint’s.  Bombastically bold Bowie and gargantuan Ga Ga’s.  We need … Continued

Reverse Humbug

Laugh at yourself. Look after those you love. Make every day like Christmas. Give out, give away, dance, jig and sing forgiveness. Invite them all for dinner. Buy the best food and wine. Over tip, be over the top. Be Ebeneezer dopamine. Be as giddy as a drunken man. Shout joy from the rooftops. Now … Continued

The Colour Of Your Lies

What if lies came in colours other than white?  I’m sure we’ve all told a wee white one like, “I need to go cause that the postie just came to the door”, or “It wisnae me, it wis ma food”, or maybe even, “Sorry honey, I’ve just missed the train” only to be rumbled by … Continued


I’ll tell you what I miss… The gallus gab of Glasgow. Sitting in the square, eating a square, watching a square go. Circling round Argyll, eyes up seeing Rennie Mac and Buchanan street style show.  Warrington Bank Quay, shitty cereal bars, the long trek choo-choo in the morn. The out of order hole in the wall. … Continued